Zhengxuan Wu

Masters Student, Symbolic Systems, Stanford
Email:  wuzhengx [at] cs.stanford (dot) edu

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Last Update: 07/2021

I am a Masters student at Symbolic Systems Program at Stanford University, advised by Prof. Jamil Zaki, Prof. Chris Potts, and Prof. Desmond C. Ong focusing on computer science and coginitive science. I am also affliated with SNAP: Stanford Network Analysis Project. Prior to joining Stanford, I worked at VMware Inc. as a software engineer for 3 years. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at Case Western Reserve University (2015) focusing on space combustion adviced by Prof. James S. T'ien where we discovered the firelet phenomenon.

I am intersted in explainable and robust deep learning models in NLP, plus sentiment analysis in general.

Personal Blogs: Current NLP Trend Digest where I discuss some trendy topics in NLP that I am interested in and write about it with related papers. Like taking pictures and slowly updating them to my photo blog.

Some Manuscripts and Publications (*=Equal Contribution)

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